Our True Hope

Not sometimes, but seems like all the time, we follow one another when trying to get what the Bible is actually saying. I would like to ask you a question about what’s in the Bible: Does Jesus command anyone to preach Heaven as the hope and expectation of His people? If so, find one biblical example.

Another question would be: What’s all this stuff in the Bible about a kingdom? Should we neglect to proclaim what’s in the Bible so that we can go on proclaiming what we see one another proclaiming?

Please view the PowerPoint, Our True Hope , and after having done so, honestly find one place in the Bible where Heaven is promised.

The apostles preached the kingdom of God throughout the book of Acts, to the very last chapter and to the very last verse. They did not once preach Heaven.



On this day, 7/27/2013, this blog, Kingdom Gospel Imperative, was created for the purpose of presenting gospel related posts in an endeavor to bring us back to the biblical proclamation. Moreover, look here for vital teachings dedicated to strengthening our brothers and sisters in Messiah through working toward a clearer comprehension of God’s actual grace.

So I say, grace be to all of our brothers and sisters who are in Messiah Yahshua through God our Father and Yahshua Messiah our Lord.