God is bigger than our box. He has not admonished us to stay where we are, but to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We do not grow unless we add to what we already have. Perfection has not been reached; therefore we have to grow. God does not want us to be content with our present level of knowledge. God is giving me these things to share with His Assembly. Please pray for me that His grace will continue to come through me and He will let me be accurate.

Some of the things He has given me will not comply with society’s religious traditions. He works to free us from man’s continually entrenched traditions which have been born down through the centuries. We honor many traditions because they are old, not because they are biblical. Unless movements are made in the right direction, no positive growth will occur in the way of knowledge.

I am not writing these things because I am perfect, I am a member of the Body, through whom God gives a portion of what the Body needs. Each of us individual members benefits from the Body. And it is true, each of us must seek to benefit the whole. This will be through God’s grace which He will give through each of us.

Now know that I am imperfect; therefore pray that you will benefit from me through God’s grace and not through my human error (we all have human error, from the least of us to the greatest of us); therefore pray for all of us. And pray for me, that I will benefit from you through God’s grace. Please read Romans, chapter 12 and I Corinthians chapter 12. Let us pray and endeavor that we all will become like God is admonishing us to become in these chapters. The Body of Christ is a living and dynamic body.


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